Garage Door Openers


Boone County Door Presents The Best Garage Door Openers On The Market

Working with LiftMaster and Sommer garage door openers, we have the best products and replacement parts in stock to perform the best garage door opener installation or repair your money can buy. At Boone County Door, we believe that leading garage door opener brands ensure high-quality products. 

Allow us to introduce our favorite garage door openers, and decide which type of opener is the best fit for your home near Harrison, AR and Branson, MO:


LiftMaster - Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster has versatility and offers a wide range of garage door opener types for homeowners to choose the one that offers excellent opening abilities based on their garage door type. Their premium construction and surplus amount of safety and technological features make them a great choice for any application. 

Long-Lasting Durability

If you’re looking for a base-line powerhouse, we highly recommend a chain-drive garage door opener. If you own a heavier wood or double-wide garage door, LiftMaster is the best choice for heavier doors or multi-door garage systems. Synonymous with their name, LiftMaster consistently delivers durable, long-lasting garage door openers. They are the lift masters!


Sommer Logo

Sommer garage door openers stand out for their sleek designs and tech accessories. Manufactured in Germany, their minimalist designs bring us to three versions of their SOMMER evo+ and their SOMMER pro+. Each model quietly does the heavy lifting with their residential jackshaft operators and belt-drive openers as some of their flagship products.

Cutting-Edge Security

Sommer has really stood out for their consistent revelations in smart and cutting-edge technology in recent years. Giving you live video feeds from inside and outside your garage, you’re able to have complete control of your home’s security with the help of Sommer’s ismartgate motion detection.

Garage Door Openers

Choose Your Garage Door Opener Type

A high-powered opener enables your door to open and close smoothly and safely. Although every opener is designed for the convenience of not having to get in or out of your car upon entering your driveway, certain openers are stronger contenders for your needs versus other types.

Chain Drive


A chain-drive garage door opener operates by pulling the garage door on a metal chain to open and close it. Chain-drive openers are the most affordable openers, as well as the most common opener type found in people’s homes.

Belt Drive


Belt-drive garage door openers are best known as the quietest because they utilize a rubber belt. Rather than constant metal-on-metal gearing from older mechanical systems, a belt-drive creates the smoothest garage door operation.

Screw drive


Screw-drive openers come with less moving parts, and are built with more lifting power than chain-drive openers. Since they have less mechanical parts, screw-drive openers avoid frequent repairs by having a trolley move across a steel rod.



Also known as wall-mounted openers, jackshaft drive styles are meant for heavy-duty doors. As they’re becoming more and more popular for their convenience beside your door rather than overhead, wall mount openers are perfect for garages with really low or really high ceilings.

Local Harrison, AR and Branson, MO Garage Door Opener Dealers

At Boone County Door, we have completed countless garage door opener installations and repairs on numerous brands and models. Representing the best in overall quality and reliability, we are proud to partner with Liftmaster and Sommer garage door openers. 

We repair any brand or type of opener, but we go with the best when it comes to garage door openers for a worthwhile installation in Harrison, AR and Branson, MO. Schedule a time to speak with us about what you want your garage door opener to do for you.

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