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The Best Local Garage Door Repair in Harrison, AR and Branson, MO

With our hardworking team and small-town values, we have the best garage door repair solutions in Harrison, AR, and Branson, MO. From garage door spring replacement to broken garage door openers and damaged sections, we have the expertise to get your door running again quickly. Our garage door repair in Boone County and surrounding areas is designed to solve even the most obscure garage door problems.

See all of the garage door repairs Boone County Door offers below! 

  • Garage Door Opener Repair 
  • Garage Door Spring Replacement 
  • Garage Door Cable Replacement 
  • Garage Door Off-Track Repair
  • Garage Door Sectional Replacement
  • High-Speed Commercial Door Repair
  • Rolling Steel Commercial Door Repair 
  • Garage Door Roller Repair 
  • Garage Door Dent Repair
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Garage Door Service - Boone County Door

Broken Garage Door Opener

Our garage door opener repair is a common service we perform for our customers. Depending on your opener, it will be located either in the middle of your garage on the ceiling or on the wall beside your door. If you have a broken garage door opener, you will most likely still be able to lift your door manually, however, this is only suitable for emergencies where you are locked inside your garage.

Please contact us right away to repair or replace your broken garage door opener. You will quickly realize that the motor does most of the heavy lifting to open and close your door! If your opener is too worn to repair or if crucial replacement parts can’t be found, we can also offer you a new garage door opener installation.

Broken Garage Door Springs

Our garage door spring replacement service is our number one service since garage door springs are the most pivotal component in your garage door system. A broken garage door spring means your garage door won’t open. Since door springs typically last 10,000 cycles of opening your garage door, most homeowners will get about 10 – 12 years out of a garage door spring, depending on how often they open their garage door. 

If you heard a loud pop or bang, and your garage door threatens to collapse or refuse to open, Boone County Door will be on the way! With broken garage door springs, we must replace both sides of your torsion or extension springs. We’ll make sure your garage door is safe and ensure long-lasting operation with our garage door spring replacement service.

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Loose or Broken Garage Door Cables

Garage door cables are located on either side of your garage door, running through cable drums and clipping to the door’s bottom brackets. Garage door cables work closely with your springs and are important for creating a safe counterbalance system for your door. Any loose or broken cables will prevent your garage door from opening. 

Along with springs, your garage door cables help hold a significant amount of the door’s weight. A garage door cable can become frayed and break over time or become loose from poorly balanced springs. In either case, garage door repair from Boone County Door will quickly remedy your broken or loose cables.

Garage Door Out of Its Track

Garage Door Service - Boone County Door

When another component is worse for wear, garage doors can fall out of their tracks. This mishap is typically due to either a fallen roller or loose cables on one or both sides. Our trained garage door repair professionals can put your door back on track and get it running again without damaging anything else. 

Keep in mind that the garage door is the biggest, heaviest moving part of your home, so please be careful walking around or under a door that is out of track. It’s important to contact Boone County Door right away so your off-track garage door doesn’t damage any other components.

Worn or Wobbly Garage Door Rollers

Inside the tracks that run along the sides of your garage door, you will have rollers. Wobbly, worn, or otherwise broken garage door rollers will prevent your door from opening and could damage sections of your door if you try to open the door manually. 

Opt for our garage door roller replacement to allow your door a much smoother, quieter operation. As with any broken garage door parts, schedule garage door repair if you’re not sure if your rollers are the issue with your garage door.

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Efficiently handling residential and commercial garage door repairs, including springs, cables, rollers, and openers, as well as precise replacements for worn components, we ensure your garage door system operates seamlessly and safely.

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Let a family-owned and operated garage door repair and installation company take care of your garage door repair in Harrison, AR and Branson, MO. Boone County Door is there for the thorns in your side; from an unresponsive garage door to an off-track door, we offer all kinds of garage door repair. We’ll meet your door that won’t open or is stuck open with an efficient, high-quality garage door repair team! 

Garage Door Service - Boone County Door
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