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Garage Door Service - Boone County Door

Renew Your Entire System With One Repair!

Is your garage door not operating up to speed? Check your springs! If you notice that your springs have significant 3-4” gaps between the coils, or are showing any signs of build-up, our team is there when you call!

You will immediately know your garage door springs need to be replaced if your garage door slams shut or appears to be unbalanced. It’s unsafe to be around an unreliable garage door, so we move quickly. You’ll own a whole new door after your garage door spring replacement!

Mitigate Hazardous Garage Door Spring Damage

Never try to conduct garage door spring repairs yourself. When your garage door springs approach the end of their lifespan, your garage door can be extremely hazardous. With the threat of a popped spring, they can cause severe damage to you or your property. 

If you just moved into your home, it’s hard to tell how old the torsion or extension springs you’ve inherited are with an untrained eye, but our expert team can tell you! Since most people use their garage doors more than once a day, the springs inevitably wear and tear over time.  

If your garage door springs do break, it’s important that you don’t try to use your garage door. Calling for garage door spring repair has to be prompt, or else this puts added stress on other components of your overhead operating system. Contact our team to schedule an appointment.

garage door spring repair

Call For Garage Door Spring Repair in Harrison, AR and Branson, MO

With a highly popular service like broken garage door spring repair, we report to your property quickly and resolve the needed repairs efficiently. When your springs break, it’s time for a garage door spring replacement! 

We’re ready to serve you with the best garage door spring repair near Harrison, AR and Southern Missouri, including Branson, MO. Call Boone County Door today! 


What is the #1 garage door repair?

Spring replacement is the most common garage door repair we service in Harrison, AR, Branson, MO, and near our other service areas.

Garage door spring repair is so popular due to the extreme pressure that your springs are under. As the driving force behind your door’s power, the springs will eventually go out.

Why do garage door springs break?

Garage door springs take most of the brunt for raising and lowering your door. The coils of the springs hold the tension necessary to raise and lower your door effortlessly. Through the years, this tension causes a lot of wear and tear. This will eventually result in your springs snapping from the strain.

How long do garage door springs last?

Most garage door springs will last for roughly 10,000 cycles which is equivalent to about 8-10 years. The amount of time your springs last will largely depend on how often you use your garage door.

Are there different types of garage door spring repairs?

Yes there are! The different types of springs are torsion, extension, and Wayne Dalton’s torquemaster. The coils on the specialty springs are hidden by a protective tube, so it’s harder to tell if the springs start to become elongated, rusted, or broken.

If you have extension springs (one on either side of your garage door) or two torsion springs, we always recommend replacing both springs at the same time.

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